Social Responsibilities

Store all firearms and ammunition properly. Keep your firearms and ammunition properly secured and out of sight.

 • Explain firearms safety to all family members. Everyone in a home where firearms are kept should know the safety rules. Firearms are no different than dangerous tools or poisons in the home. Proper use and handling of firearms and ammunition must be taught to the entire family. The key or combination number to secure locking devices should be kept away from and out of the reach of children and unauthorized adults.

Remove firearms from situations of potential violence. You may become aware of a situation where violence or tragedy could occur. In such cases, it is wise to go beyond the safe storage of firearms. Completely remove firearms that may be present. If this is not possible, at least notify the police of the situation.

Act sensibly and carefully while around firearms. Always pay close attention to what you and others around you are doing. Make sure that everyone is acting safely and responsibly.

 • Never consume drugs or alcoholic beverages when around firearms. Do not go shooting with anyone who has. Alcohol and drugs can affect your mental or physical reactions. Both prescription and non-prescription drugs can affect your alertness, senses and balance. Some types of allergy medicines are a good example. Always stay fully alert when around firearms.

 • Always get permission before shooting on someone else’s property. Make sure that you are welcome and permitted before you shoot anywhere. Do this whether the land belongs to the crown, to a local club, or to a private citizen. Make sure that you can shoot there safely. For example, someone else may be shooting there at the same time. Check with local authorities.

Have your eyesight checked regularly. Shooting requires good vision for target identification and accuracy. Be sure of your target and beyond.

Maintain your firearm in good working order. If required, have a qualified gunsmith service your firearm.

Avoid firing near buildings or roads. Respect the rights of others to safe travel and undisturbed use of their property. Only shoot near buildings with authorized permission, and only if it is legal and safe.

Know and respect firearms regulations and local by-laws.

Wear safety equipment. Encourage others to do the same. Safety equipment may include, but should not be limited to, sight and hearing protection, gloves, caps and proper clothing.