Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC)

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The training provided in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) prepares students with beginner level knowledge on the responsibilities of possessing and using restricted firearms, their safe use and handling as well as storage of firearms and ammunition. The course takes a minimum of 8 hours to complete including the written and practical test.
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      You will learn:

      • Basic firearms safety practices
      • Ammunition types and storage
      • Operating firearm actions
      • Safe handling and carry procedures
      • Responsibilities of the firearms owner/user
      • Safe storage, display, transportation, and handling of firearms
      • Minors who successfully complete the CFSC course can apply for a Minor’s Licence (2)


      • Aged 12+ (Parental consent required for minors)

      Additional Details

      • Students may take the CFSC and CRFSC together as a Back-to-Back course for a discounted rate
      • 100% course attendance is required to complete the test
      • Retests must be taken within 30 days

      Students may purchase the Student Manual in advance of the course to prepare for the in-person course.