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With the increased public scrutiny around firearms ownership, there is a need to ensure the highest standard in the delivery of firearms safety training. The FSESO is committed to providing firearms safety that is professional, effective, and consistent.

The FSESO is currently seeking Board members to support our Mission and Vision.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of the organization. It must conduct the affairs of the FSESO in accordance with approved guidelines, policies and by-laws while upholding the FSESO’s Mission and Vision. The Board delegates responsibility for the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the FSESO Executive Manager.


If you have an interest in promoting public safety through firearms safety training in Ontario, please review the following document for information on becoming an FSESO Board member.

Applicants shall have experience with, or be able to demonstrate knowledge or expertise in, one or more of the following areas: 

  • Business/Management Experience 
    • Sound management and operational business processes and practices in the private or public sector, including: 
      • Managing complex projects, leveraging information technology, planning and measuring performance, and allocating resources to achieve outcomes
  • Legal/Regulatory Experience 
    • Legal principles, processes, and systems, including: 
      • Interpreting and applying legislation, experience with adjudicative or quasijudicial hearings or tribunals, or an understanding of the legal dimensions of organizational issues
  • Human Resources Experience 
    • Strategic human resource management principles and policies, including: 
      • Workforce planning, employee engagement, succession planning, organizational capacity, compensation, and professional development 
      • Knowledge or expertise in CEO performance management and evaluation may be a related asset
  • Accounting/Financial Experience 
    • Accounting and/or financial management, including: 
      • Analyzing and interpreting financial statements, evaluating organizational budgets and understanding financial reporting 
  • Risk Management Experience 
    • Enterprise risk management, including: 
      • Identifying potential risks, recommending and implementing preventive measures, and devising plans to minimize the impact of risks 
      • Experience or knowledge of auditing practices, organizational controls, and compliance measures
  • IT Experience 
    • Current and emerging technologies, current risk and regulatory requirements as they would specifically apply to FSESO’s strategic, regulatory and operating environment, including information security risk
    • Specific experience in IT hardware/software acquisitions or governance of outsourcing

How to Apply

Please forward your resume and expression of interest to Dave Wall, Executive Manager.

Become an Instructor

The FSESO is not accepting new instructor applications at this time.  We accept instructor applications only as required based on the business needs of the organization.