Shooting or Hunting with a Group

Any shot fired in the wrong direction might hit another person in your group. Make sure safe zones of fire are established to prevent such incidents. It is very important to follow the safety rules in this handbook. The rules below are especially important for shooting or hunting with a group.

Informal Firing Line

An informal firing line is an effective method to use when sighting-in or shooting in a field, with a group of two or more people. Follow these basic safety steps below:

  1. Appoint someone as the Range Officer. This person will be responsible for supervising all of the following steps.
  2. Follow the normal range of commands and procedures.
  3. Set up a firing line. Firearms may only be uncased, handled and loaded at this firing line. This must be done under the Range Officer’s direction.
  4. Be sure that the appointed Range Officer explains the procedures to everyone in the group.
  5. Decide on a safe shooting zone for each shooter. Make sure there is a safe backstop. This will be the only direction in which muzzles can be pointed and firearms fired.

Safe Zones of Fire

a. It is worth emphasizing again. Any shot fired in the wrong direction by a group member might hit another person. This is true for all shooting situations. Before starting, everybody should agree on which area each shooter will cover in order to prevent this (Figure 60). This will clearly define each individual’s safe zone of fire.

b. Positions change when you advance through the field. You should always know exactly where your shooting partners are. Guard both them and yourself against being unintentionally shot.

Safe zones of fire

Always know exactly where your shooting partners, or others, are.