Safe Handling

Be sure before you shoot

Always use your firearm in the safest manner possible. Be sure of your target and beyond before you shoot.

• Always examine the bore for obstructions before loading.

• Always check that you are using the right ammunition. Use only the ammunition for which the firearm was designed. Carry only the type of ammunition you intend to shoot.

• Never rely on the firearm’s safety. Safeties wear down and may not work properly. A loaded firearm may fire even with the safety on. All mechanical devices can fail.

Be sure of your target and beyond

a. To be sure of your target and beyond, follow the safety precautions below:

 • Positively identify your target. Make sure it is exactly what you want to shoot.

• Do not shoot when in doubt. Never fire at a movement, a colour, a sound or a shape.

• Check that you have a clear field of fire.

• Check that the area behind your target is safe before shooting.

 • Never use a scope as a substitute for binoculars to identify persons, animals or objects.

b. Always be aware of where your bullet or shot may end up. This is your responsibility. A bullet or shot may ricochet. It may also travel far beyond the target. If you are unsure follow these safety precautions:

Never shoot if your bullet may hit a hard surface or water. Both can cause a bullet or fragments to ricochet in unsafe directions.

• Never shoot at a target near a building.

• Never shoot at a target on top of a hill.

• Only shoot when you are sure no one is ahead of you.