Hazards & Precautions

Access by unqualified or unauthorized users

  • Disable action before storage or transport (or use trigger or cable lock)
  • Store firearms in a safely locked cabinet or container, out of view
  • Store ammunition separately and out of view
  • Supervise unqualified users

Unintentional discharge

  • Control muzzle direction at all times
  • Unload firearm when not in immediate use
  • Open action when handling
  • Keep finger off trigger and out of the trigger guard except when firing
  • Safety ON
  • No horseplay
  • A malfunctioning firearm may result in unintentional discharge
  • Ensure your firearm is well maintained and regularly serviced

Wrong Ammunition

  • Carry only correct ammunition
  • Check ammunition against firearm data stamp
  • Use proper ammunition for target and conditions
  • If re-loading, follow correct procedures
  • Improperly loaded ammunition can cause a firearm incident • Ensure you know how to load correctly


  • Be extra cautious when shooting at or towards flat or hard surfaces
  • Check area near or behind target before firing
  • Be extra cautious when shooting at or towards water

Wrong Target

  • Identify target before firing and be sure, before you shoot
  • Know what is behind the target
  • Make sure the backstop is adequate